Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds enormous potential for businesses, enhancing productivity and competitiveness. However, adopting Artificial Intelligence technology can be challenging. That’s where “BridgeAI” comes in to support businesses harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and unlock their full potential.  
The Alan Turing Institute, a partner of the Innovate UK BridgeAI programme, is offering artificial intelligence mentoring support for small and medium-sized businesses. This support is targeted at companies and organisations facing barriers to data science and AI adoption that would benefit from a bespoke approach. While other BridgeAI offerings focus on skill-building and knowledge transfer, this bespoke advice initiative addresses the unique challenges that standard solutions can’t reach.
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How To Get AI Assistance

You can get direct access to experts, collaborating with top experts from The Alan Turing Institute, in addition to specialist support and guidance around your specific Artificial Intelligence adoption challenges. The goal is to provide ongoing support that aligns AI with your long-term business strategies.
The scheme launches soon, with the panel of advisors expected to be available by January 2024. Submit your expression of interest by 21 December 2023. Submissions will be reviewed and selected companies will be informed of the next steps.

LotusWise can help

If you are facing unique hurdles and see Aritificial Intelligence as a crucial part of your future, this is your opportunity to get specialist support and insights to help you transform your business. Want to know more? Comment below or give us a ring on 020 3367 1106.

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