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Kwame is a Rapper who performs in gigs in the UK and abroad.

He says of Lotuswise: “Great service and great people! Smooth communication and smooth results!”

R Ltd is a business providing visa and passport services online. Lotuswise took over this client some years ago at which point the only services provided by the previous accountants were statutory accounts and tax. Lotuswise immediately put the business on QuickBooks with bank feeds and later added Receipt Bank. VAT returns which were a stressful spreadsheet based operation handled by the director are now handled by Lotuswise. Data analysis is carried out and sales are now posted with information on sales types and territories now being captured. Purchases and payments are fully supported with actual purchase invoices and receipts which are matched with cash transactions. We now provide payroll, quarterly Management Accounts and a part-time Finance Director service (part of our Platinum package) to Vishal, the Companies Managing Director. We have also advised on good practice on managing trade between related businesses in Germany and India.

Vishal says: “We have been a client of Lotuswise for several years now, and can only praise them on all areas. They have helped our company in terms of working with our existing databases, and ensuring that we devised a more efficient process for our book keeping, accounting, management processes, policies and more. We worked together over a considerable length of time building a robust process from the ground up, ensuring that we considered all practices were fully covered point by point on a broader range and also on the small details. Given we have a high number of incoming and outgoing transactions, their ability to cope with our specific company needs have been exceptional. The entire team at Lotuswise were great in providing regular feedback, advice, updates and meetings with myself, and they have made the operational aspect of the company considerably easier and more efficient. We thank the team and look forward to many more years ahead!”

Z is a bespoke jewellery business run by our client Esther for whom we provide bookkeeping and VAT filing services. The business uses Kashflow Cloud software and the process used to involve Lotuswise picking up purchase invoices, bank statements and other documents in bags and inputting them manually. Lotuswise have transformed the process with Bank Feeds now connecting to Kashflow and Receipt Bank being used to digitally capture purchase invoices and receipts which ensures that all VAT transactions are supported with relevant documents attached within each Kashflow transaction.

Esther says: “Lotuswise has been extremely helpful in helping me do my bookwork; keeping me abreast of new technology to collate data quickly & efficiently with the use of Receipt Bank, so receipts are consolidated swiftly and easily available for the accounting process.”

Barry is MD of a dental equipment distributor for whom we have provided a fully outsourced business function including payroll, credit control, supplier payments, VAT and all compliance reporting says:

“I have been using Lotuswise for the daily and annual reporting of my companies accounts for the last 3 years and can tell you that they are the most professional and experienced accountants we have ever used. Their communication is second to none and the cloud based accounting solution they offer is way ahead of anything we have used before. All of this has allowed us to concentrate on our core business activities and reduce time on the accounting side of the business knowing it is in safe hands, Highly recommended!”

Jenni who runs a marketing consultancy says:

“Lotuswise transformed my businesses finances and the relationship with HMRC. They are fair, clever and supportive. And quick to innovate; always streamlining operations and technologies to make processes more swift and seamless.”

Manuel is a technology investment specialist who manages high-tech investments worldwide together with investment partners from Europe.

He says: “We have been a client of Lotuswise for many years now, and during all this time they have proven themselves to be a reliable, professional and trustworthy firm to work with. We certainly recommend their services for international clients.”

Mike is a sole trader providing gardening services in London and he says:

“We have been using Lotuswise for our tax purposes for three years. We are very happy with the service we receive. All staff are very helpful, pleasant and very prompt when we have any problems or queries. Would recommend their services.”

Rory runs a Service Company providing Digital Marketing and Management Consultancy to UK and overseas customers.

They say: “We have been with Lotuswise for two and a half years now and the service we have received is exceptional. Rajeev and the team take a proactive and holistic approach, meaning we can worry less about the intricacies of our accounting, and more about running our business. Lotuswise always keeps us in-the-loop with relevant regulatory news, and their use of cloud technology on the QuickBooks platform makes tracking our bookkeeping a breeze, and their use of Receipt Bank means we are now as paperless as possible.”

Eduardo is a self-employed sound engineer.

He says: “Lotuswise offers great service and excellent client support, I am very happy to have Lotuswise looking after my accounts, not to mention the very informative newsletter!”

Bikram, an IT services contractor, says:

“I would highly recommend Lotuswise as an accountancy firm for its knowledge, professionalism and personalised approach to their clients. Rajeev Sharma and his staff have provided excellent end-to-end services for my company needs and their quality of care has surpassed my expectations.”

M Ltd is developing an App which could revolutionise the way people buy services. Under our Platinum package, Lotuswise provide compliance services including accounts, tax, VAT, payroll, but also a part-time F.D. service. Lotuswise have helped draw up a detailed business model to be used in the business plan and have been involved with investor dialogues.

Justine, the COO says: “I am delighted to have Lotuswise as our accounting partner. They have not only provided outstanding financial and accounting services, but also helped us on many more general business topics. They have proven to be an excellent all-round partner to support us and help us grow our business with expert advice and offer us access to multiple innovative tools e.g. Receipt Bank, QuickBooks, etc. The dedication and quality service have strengthened our organisation and allowed us to focus our energy and resources on our mission.”

S Ltd was a Consultancy providing services to the Public Sector. Its Director, Debbie who also owns an investment property has for the happiest of reasons emigrated to Scandinavia. Lotuswise have supported her through the whole process and now look after her affairs as a non-resident landlord.

She says: “I have used Lotuswise for a few years now on the recommendation of a friend. I have always found them to be professional and a joy to work with. I was setting up my own company and they took care of everything, whilst including me and walking me through the steps. They have even managed my UK tax returns when I moved abroad and still had property in the UK. They are prompt to respond to calls and emails. I fully recommend Lotuswise for any business or personal tax affairs.”

R Ltd are provide business intelligence to the Leisure industry. With operations in the UK and Central Europe and sales worldwide, Lotuswise provided a solution centred around QuickBooks with Lotuswise staff doing regular book-keeping in full collaboration with Management based in Central Europe. Receipts and invoices are captured through the Receipt Bank app which we provided. Lotuswise also prepare and submit Statutory Accounts, Corporation Tax Returns and Self-assessment tax returns. There is regular communication through Skype, typically once or twice a month.

Peter, the Company’s CEO adds: “Rajeev and his team have been super helpful and friendly with us from day one. They always went out of their way to help us, and the mentality always was “How can we solve this problem?”. They have been very flexible and always looking out for ways to help us as a startup. I heard a saying some years ago (unsure of the source): “A bad accountant is reactive. A good accountant is proactive, always looking for ways to help you out and make your life easier”. Rajeev and his team definitely fall into the latter category.”

Jo runs a Consulting business in North London.

She says: “I have used Lotuswise now for over 3 years and can highly recommend this organisation. I receive a comprehensive service including payroll and QuickBooks Online at an extremely competitive rate which gives me reassurance that my tax matters are under control at all times. Rajeev and his team are friendly and responsive and strive to provide a personal touch to their service. I particularly appreciate the monthly newsletters which are helpful and informative, digesting the latest development in tax policy and business law.”

Nicola, a sole trader (self-employed) runs a design consultancy.

She says: “Rajeev and the team are very professional and always on hand and respond quickly to any queries or advice I may need. They were great when I needed my Tax Return early for my Mortgage! Being able to use Quick-books as part of their service is an added bonus as it helps me raise invoices and keep track of spending. Would 100 % recommend Lotuswise for a tailored and thorough service.”

Sebastian, who runs a consultancy business in the Middle-East, says:

“When you are running around and working hard especially in a start-up, it is difficult to make time for the accounting administration of your company. Lotuswise makes that a whole lot easier and with effective tools such as QuickBooks and their great team, all the pressure of financial administration is greatly reduced allowing you to focus on your businesses key objectives.”

Xavier runs a Digital Marketing Consultancy.

He says: “I can only recommend Lotuswise. I met them with a free 1 hour consultation where Rajeev showed his absolute expertise on UK finances. Since the first moment they helped me and my business achieve my goals and allowed me to focus on the operations, taking care of the financial and accounting side of things. It was an honest, engaging and positive relationship that helped my business grow.”

Chris, a Marketing Service Company Director says:

“The great team at Lotuswise consistently goes beyond the call of duty to help us with our various legal, regulatory and accounting needs — they’ve truly been a Godsend. In addition to handling our dealings with HMRC, they’ve also set us up with online solutions such as QuickBooks and Receipt Bank, which has streamlined all our admin work and continues to save us loads of time”

Danny runs a glass distribution business in conjunction with other businesses, so it was really important that he could do the business “on the fly”.

He says: “Lotuswise analysed my business needs and suggested using QBO and Receipt Bank which has effectively allowed me to run my business from my phone on the go. I am able to take pictures on my phone when purchases are made while I’m travelling and purchasing materials using the Receipt Bank app which integrates with QBO. Purchase invoices are also emailed directly by my main supplier to Receipt Bank inbox. I am also able to raise estimates/invoices away from the office using the QBO app. This has allowed me to streamline my business and operate away from the office.”