Buyers prefer to purchase from firms that understand them and their needs, and that includes all of us in the Lotuswise family!

Consultative selling focuses on creating value, building trust and exploring needs before offering solutions. The salesperson’s first objective is building a relationship before providing the right product or service, much like here at Lotuswise we pride ourselves on our supportive system!


Consultative selling doesn’t mean you can’t also offer structured information, though. But unless consumers feel understood, no amount of information and support will win them over.

Consultative selling client and salesperson, paper and pen

How does consultative selling work?

Consultative sales look to understand problems by asking questions. It allows us to find out what solutions can be recommended to suit the problem you are facing.

To make a consultative selling approach work, you need to understand your prospects, the market sector, your competitors, and so forth. Once you have identified these, the next step would be to understand any gaps in the market or key news stories that relate to your client’s world. This knowledge will allow you to have consultative sales conversations based on current information that’s relevant to the client’s world, this, in turn, will build trust.

Additionally, spending time researching lets you provide insights to potential clients. Offering this type of information is called sales enablement, it helps your sales team offer information to nurture a sale.

The final stage

The final stage of a successful consultative selling approach is the follow-up strategy. The research and sales enablement that your sales team deliver should help build a solid foundation of trust between customers and your firm. Your team can then focus on nurturing the relationship, which usually means continuing to engage and follow up.

To be effective, following up should be interesting and personalised for each client. If your clients see that your sales team mean what they say and will follow through, they become much more responsive and will treat your firm as a trusted business partner. Translation? your firm would be top of the list if the client decides to buy.

The Lotuswise Way

As consultative selling advocates ourselves, we would love to help you out with any of your financial needs! Just get in touch with one of our esteemed accountants on 020 3367 1106.

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