Employee health and safety and staff coaching is your responsibility as an employer. Regardless of the type of business you manage, health and safety is a fact of life. And encouraging growth, confidence and ambition in your employees is important. But just how do you do that?

Employee Health And Safety – The Responsibility Of Every Employer

Regardless of the type of business you manage, health and safety is a fact of life. Apart from their devastating human cost, occupational accidents and ill-health could bear a significant cost to your business through higher insurance premiums and staff absence. You, staying up to date, when it comes to health and safety, is therefore, an essential part of running your business.

Employee Health And Safety – Keep it simple

Managing health and safety in your company doesn’t have to be complicated. If your firm takes reasonable steps to prevent workplace injuries or illness, you are unlikely to have any issues.  The approach you take should be proportionate to the size of your business and nature of your business activity.

Employee Health And Safety – Written health and safety policy

Ideally you should have a written health and safety policy.  If you are a small business, with less than five employees, you may not be obliged to write such a policy. But it is advisable to have one in place, regardless of the size of your firm. 

Employee Health And Safety – Lead by example

Your staff would tend to follow the lead of more senior managers in a safety-critical situation (even if the decision is flawed). In these situations, it is vital to establish a culture that allows everyone to raise concerns and challenge decisions in a constructive manner.

Employee Health And Safety – Carry out a risk assessment

In order to do this, in a health and safety context, think about anything that could cause harm to your employees and ensure that you are taking reasonable steps to prevent that harm.

Employee Health And Safety – Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you don’t have any expertise in-house, you could consider hiring some external expertise. These experts will ensure your business has someone with the necessary skills to manage health and safety properly.

Staff Coaching – A good coach is a good manager


In addition to ensuring the achievement of business objectives and health and safety, managers are also responsible for staff coaching, encouraging growth, confidence and ambition in employees. 


Effective leadership techniques have evolved over the last few decades. And the way you, as a manager, should interface with your teams, has become more focused on getting the most out of people, through coaching. Compared to a more directive style, if you use a coaching style, you would tend to foster a better environment for collaboration and more open communication.

Staff Coaching – Build a confident team

Coaching helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. As a coach, you could build on each team member’s strengths and weaknesses and help to create a more confident team. If your team members are confident, they are more likely to push harder and go above and beyond what is expected of them. 

Staff Coaching – Employee Engagement

If your team members feel like they are working on repetitive, menial tasks, they will tend to feel less engaged. You should, therefore, coach your teams through new experiences, so they can learn. Your employees will tend to feel more engaged, if they are trusted with new projects, and will be more productive as a result.

Staff Coaching – Active listening

If you adopt a coaching style, you, as a manager, will tend to listen more actively. So, then try to understand things from the perspective of your team members. Your employees will tend to respond more positively to this and can become more motivated as a result.

Staff Coaching – Millennials

Millennials (around 18 to 35 years of age) have become a larger segment of the workforce and if you employ any, they tend to respond well to a coaching style of leadership. Millennials would tend to welcome your feedback and regular dialogue regarding learning and development. They want to be coached and developed rather than managed. So, remember this, as this approach can only be beneficial to both you and your millennials employees!

So, it is your responsibility to make employee health and safety and staff coaching a priority in your business. Making sure your employees are safe at all times and looked after. Coaching them and encouraging their growth and confidence can only be beneficial to both them and your business.

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