New employment laws that apply to all businesses came into force on 6 April 2024. Below is a summary of the changes


Employment Flexibility

  • An employee now has a right to request flexible working from their first day of employment.

  • Previously, an employee could only make one request in 12 months, however, this has now increased to two.

  • Employers must respond to a request within 2 months and provide an explanation and consultation if the request is refused.
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Carer’s Leave

Previously, there were no leave rights for employees who were carers. Now, an unpaid leave entitlement exists from day one of employment.

Employment Leave for Pregnancy

  • Enhanced protection in a redundancy process is available to employees on maternity leave, shared parental leave or adoption leave. Under these laws, an employer must offer suitable alternative vacancies where one is available. This is sometimes called MAPLE protection.

  • From 6 April, this protection has been extended to cover an employee from the point they tell their employer they are pregnant.

  • MAPLE protection generally extends to 18 months after child birth, but conditions apply to those who have taken shared parental leave without taking maternity or adoption leave.

  • There is now greater flexibility in how and when paternity leave is taken.

  • It can be taken at any time in the first year of the child’s life, and the weeks can now be split and taken at different times.

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