You’ve probably noticed when you purchase online that you’re being asked to confirm these purchases in more ways than one, to improve security. This is because of the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations which came into effect on 14 March 2022. Because, as we all know, safety comes first!


This new regulation creates an additional layer of security for card payments, kind of like a tiered cake, and involves text messages, phone calls or even the use of your banking app. This added tier to your safety dessert reduces fraud and makes customer transactions safer. A lovely treat to top off our impulse purchases!

How SCA impacts online purchases

This, of course, impacts customers’ purchase process, but companies that sell to consumers have had to make some changes to their technology too. Retailers need to upgrade payment gateways and service providers have been working towards achieving this. Any transaction, not SCA compliant after 14 March 2022, will be declined, a costly problem for retailers and can create issues in reputability.

If you have any issues with strong customer authorisation or want to know more about it, then please do leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to help you!

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