Did you know you’re using the POEM framework without even realising it?

Any digital marketing strategy uses the POEM framework to create some form of media for users to see. The world is changing incredibly fast, and it’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest stuff that can get your business growing.


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What does POEM in this framework stand for?

POEM stands for Paid, Owned, Earned Media.

Paid media is the type of content that you need to pay for. For example, social media ads or display ads. Its main goal is to effectively use paid-for services to build return-on-investment, enhance reach to the right audience and elevate consumer consideration to purchase.

Owned media is the stuff you currently have (like your website!) Its main purpose is to build on retention marketing and nurture your current audience, it’s a great way to create content under your control!

Earned media is all the content you’ve earnt through paid and owned media; think of reviews, word-of-mouth and user-generated content. Its main aim is to get your brand out there, have others talk about it without additional costs and create some form of brand perception in line with your business vision.

How does the POEM Framework help my business?

Well, it is already helping your business! Just using social media, email marketing campaigns and having a website is assisting your business to flourish in this digitalised world.

Advertising your business or your products is so important. It helps your company reach more individuals with like-minded interests (especially when you conduct A/B Testing!) Plus, gaining engagement from paid posts on social media increases its reach even further, leading to more interest and brand consideration versus if you were to conduct organic postings on social media and relied on the ever-evolving algorithm to do its thing.

Lotuswise uses POEM?

Do we use POEM? There’s only one way to find out! Check out our socials, subscribe to our emailing list and give our Google reviews a look!

Got any questions or want to talk about this framework more? Comment below and let’s get a discussion going!

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